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Hey Diane,Outstanding and concise. I would also add one siglne yet defining point to your points. Let clients know it's okay to mentally divorce themselves from traditionally accepted and ingrained legal methods of resolving issues. I'm getting more and more success by bringing it to the attention of participants that they can just forget the legal process and structure and come to a more qualitative and genuine peaceful result by stepping out of a structure that has polarization built into it from the start. The method for resolving disputes using legal processes is so ingrained people simply can't get outside the box and consider alternatives . What's worse, terms like mediation have the same connotation at arbitration or even private trial (as someone once told me) and so discussions with consumers about evaluative versus facilitative may well be over their heads until they are educated and briefed towards having an alternative mind set about solving, not just their current issue, but issues over the long term in American society.
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değerlendirmeler qarşı facilitative haqqında istehlakçılar ilə də Amerika cəmiyyəti uzun müddət ərzində məsələlər yalnız öz cari məsələ deyil, həlli haqqında müəyyən bir alternativ fikir olan tərəf təhsil və məlumat qədər onların rəhbərləri artıq ola bilər, lakin ola bilər.

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