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7 posts from February 2015

February 20, 2015

What % of absenteeism is due to toxic/negative/conflicted workplaces that make us dread coming to work?

Gallup 2013: Annual cost of absenteeism for any reason ranges from $160 million for agricultural workers to $24.2 billion for professionals. What % of absenteeism is due to toxic/negative/conflicted workplaces that make us dread coming to work?

Absenteeism is in part, a conflict-related 'hidden cost' that can be measured using a simple formula provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. Experts suggest that your absenteeism goal should be 3% or lower rather than the current average of 6% percent per annum.

Absenteeism Rate = Number of lost working days due to absence / (Number of employees) x (Number of Workdays) x 100

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports that health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress and many studies suggest that stress is a byproduct of a conflicted work environment. Stress has seen a 316% increase as a reason for absenteeism since 1995. (1999 Unscheduled Absence Survey by CCH Inc) 

February 19, 2015

SHRM Preferred Provider!!

Great news! John Ford and Associates has been approved as a SHRM Preferred Provider for the two-year term between 02/19/2015 through 02/19/2017.

SHRM SEAL-Preferred Provider_CMYK_2015-16_1.0in(SM)

The Many Myths of Workplace Bullying


On Tuesday over 90 participants attended the inaugural educational series webinar of The HR Mediation Academy. Alan Sharland and Marlene Schwalje did a fantastic job sharing their insights on this important topic. This link will take you to a recording of the webinar that you can watch as your leisure.



February 06, 2015

The importance of trust...

It is so trite. But it also is true. Trust is vital.

When we have the someone's trust and they feel confident in our abilities they will follow. Mediator's call this rapport. 

It was allows mediators to influence the process in a positive way the guide the participants toward resolution.

My friends Jarl and Steve picked up on the issue of trust in today's posting. As always it is full of wisdom:

Trust in Life


Only a very small percentage of the things you feel anxious about will actually turn out to be as bad as you fear. Poorly trained minds grab hold of scary thoughts and join them together like cars on a long train. The cumulative weight of these worries creates a momentum of it’s own. Habitually looking for what might go wrong eventually becomes a way of life that prevents you from noticing just how rarely things actually do go badly. The healthy alternative is to expect positive outcomes through actively developing your ability to…


Jarl and Steve


February 03, 2015

The Manager’s Guide to Mediating Conflict by Allison Love

The Manager’s Guide to Mediating Conflict by Allison Love is a timely book that provides easy to grasp guidance on how to manage the inevitable: conflict in the workplace. Importantly, she focuses more on the skills and mindset of the mediator, especially through her second chapter that allow the manager to navigate tricky situations with confidence and ease.

Screenshot - 2_3_2015 , 3_29_36 PM

Click here for more details and to purchase online.

Free Webinar on the Many Myths of Workplace Bullying with Alan Sharland and Marlene Schwalje on February 17, 2015!

Free Webinar!


THE MANY MYTHS OF WORKPLACE BULLYING: Why we haven't found an EFFECTIVE WAY of dealing with Workplace Bullying, and  HOW WE CAN!

With Workplace Conflict Experts Alan Sharland and Marlene Schwalje

 >>February 17, 2015 at 11AM PST (90 min)<<

The traditional approach to workplace bullying doesn't work and never will. During this interactive webinar, Marlene and Alan will provide insights and solutions for an effective alternative approach that does work, and that you can apply to your workplace immediately.

 Specifically, they will address:

  • The 3 BIGGEST MYTHS about workplace bullying.
  • The 2 HUGE MISTAKES that organizations make in their approach to bullying. 
  • The 1 SECRET that successful HR professionals, managers, and supervisors need to know in order to lead their organizations in responding to bullying allegations more effectively.
  • LIFT OFF! Learn new and innovative alternative approaches that help the people directly involved reach a more satisfactory outcome to their difficult situation!

Learn how allegations of bullying can be used as an opportunity for workplace transformation at personal, team, and organisational level. 

​Are you a Human Resources professional? ​
Do you manage a team or department  in your organisation​?
Have ​you ​been involved in allegations of bullying in your workplace​? 
Register for t​his ​complimentary educational ​webinar! 

Different Drum...words of wisdom from Jarl and Steve!

From time I will post these pearls of wisdom from my friends Jarl and Steve. Their website is Gratitude 24/7 and part of their offerings are these daily quotes! Feel free to check out their website and subscribe yourself: gratitudetwentyfourseven.com

Here is today's post. It reminds me of my caution to meet participants in mediation where they are on the path of life. Wishing they were somewhere else will not help. As Jarl and Steve point out, we are all marching to the collective drum of our consciousness: 

"The world marches to the drum beat of the collective consciousness. You are on the continuum of its evolutionary movement. Every choice you make is informed (and limited) by what you’re able to perceive. Right and wrong are largely subjective. When others’ behavior appears to be misguided, remember that they are also taking action and making choices in alignment with their level of consciousness. You can’t rush evolution. If you want to experience a different (and in your opinion) better world, the best course of action is to model the behavior…"

You want to see.

Jarl and Steve