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September 20, 2007


This new blog is the result of feedback I received from readers of my Conflict Managment E-Newsletter. Many indicated that they wanted me to write more, and to share my pracitical insights about the management of conflict through articles, case studes, practice notes, and in the form of tips.

I have created a number of categories that appear in the left hand navigation bar. My intention is to add at least one new entry a month that will address the categories that I have created.

Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts as we go along.

With appreciation for your support,

John Ford


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My contact with you has highlighted the subject of emotional intelengence,,,I am sure those visiting your site would be interested to learn more on the subject..I believe this is something I achieved or am aware of on a daily basis.but I would like to know .how does emotional intelligence and lust or want and desire..Compare,, how do you know that you are being (emotionally) intelligent in your choice, if you are driven by physical needs or instincts?

Author:Linda Onita Hardin-Atkins
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The courage to look within will reveal the light of love beyond conflict. Conflict is fear, Love is light

the common topic of late sir is dealing with difficult people can you elaborate on this subject

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