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January 20, 2015

Helping people resolve conflict at work Part 2 of 2

Today is part 2 of the interview with John Ford about his book Peace at Work, showing organizations how to help their employees resolve their conflicts in an effective manner. 


At the end of your book, by applying what people have read, what is your hope and expectation for the results people can achieve? How will this make them more effective and their lives less stressful? 

I honestly believe that all HR professionals should be what I call conflict resolution competent which should include the ability resolve their own and others conflicts.

The new competency based model that SHRM is currently rolling out confirms this:
HR professionals “are expected to maintain productive interpersonal relationships and demonstrate aptitude to help others to do the same.” 

Very specifically, they are enjoined to mediate difficult situations and develop “a reputation as a neutral and approachable HR professional serving employees and the organization.”
"HR was always meant to be there for all (and not just management)."
As more and more HR professionals take on the mediator role and adopt the mindset of the mediator through the mediation stance, I believe that we will have more productive and happy workplaces.

When HR professionals have the aptitude for helping others to maintain productive interpersonal relationships through their balanced approachability, and have ways of navigating toxic waters, without harm, then conflict will be nipped in the bud and unnecessary destructive escalation will be prevented, and the energy of the conflict will be tapped into in a manner that supports respectful change and growth.

And then our organizations will be more effective and our lives will be less stressful.



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