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February 03, 2015

Different Drum...words of wisdom from Jarl and Steve!

From time I will post these pearls of wisdom from my friends Jarl and Steve. Their website is Gratitude 24/7 and part of their offerings are these daily quotes! Feel free to check out their website and subscribe yourself: gratitudetwentyfourseven.com

Here is today's post. It reminds me of my caution to meet participants in mediation where they are on the path of life. Wishing they were somewhere else will not help. As Jarl and Steve point out, we are all marching to the collective drum of our consciousness: 

"The world marches to the drum beat of the collective consciousness. You are on the continuum of its evolutionary movement. Every choice you make is informed (and limited) by what you’re able to perceive. Right and wrong are largely subjective. When others’ behavior appears to be misguided, remember that they are also taking action and making choices in alignment with their level of consciousness. You can’t rush evolution. If you want to experience a different (and in your opinion) better world, the best course of action is to model the behavior…"

You want to see.

Jarl and Steve


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