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February 06, 2015

The importance of trust...

It is so trite. But it also is true. Trust is vital.

When we have the someone's trust and they feel confident in our abilities they will follow. Mediator's call this rapport. 

It was allows mediators to influence the process in a positive way the guide the participants toward resolution.

My friends Jarl and Steve picked up on the issue of trust in today's posting. As always it is full of wisdom:

Trust in Life


Only a very small percentage of the things you feel anxious about will actually turn out to be as bad as you fear. Poorly trained minds grab hold of scary thoughts and join them together like cars on a long train. The cumulative weight of these worries creates a momentum of it’s own. Habitually looking for what might go wrong eventually becomes a way of life that prevents you from noticing just how rarely things actually do go badly. The healthy alternative is to expect positive outcomes through actively developing your ability to…


Jarl and Steve



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