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October 04, 2016

The role of Human Resources in the management of employment related conflict

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In an interview conducted in 2001 Cornell's Professor Lipsky was asked....What do you feel is the role of Human Resources in the management of employment related conflict?

I think it is actually critical. I know from my own experience there are quite a few HR managers who feel they are really involved in that or in some cases need to be involved in employment conflict.

I recently attended a seminar, where a very prominent HR person spoke of 10 or 12 things that are going to be more of a priority in the HR realm in the 20th century and he did not list conflict resolution or conflict management. I called this to his attention, and it just didn’t register on his radar screen, he felt this would still be best handled by council/attorneys and thus not a priority for him.

On the other hand, we have been doing a great deal of research and visiting a number of companies. In the process we found that in a number of corporations ADR, conflict resolution or whatever you want to call it, is still not a priority, however in the vanguard companies it definitely is!

With the vanguard, at least the ones we have been talking with, the HR department has been solidly in the middle of conflict management and resolution. They do indeed, whether you go to GE, Ford or TRW, or numerous others…the HR professionals will say this is a top priority for us and we need to design a system that will enable us to meet this need.

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