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April 15, 2015

Face Feedback Fearlessly!

An open embrace of information about us without defense is key to growth, even life. And in this short note, Jarl and Steve say it like no others!

You can check out the original post on their Gratitude 24/7 website!

Face Feedback Fearlessly
Life constantly gives us opportunities to better understand ourselves. The way we feel about smiling strangers, random acts of generosity, angry drivers or rude clerks offers us clues about what’s going on inside. Our inner landscape is continuously being reflected back to us by the world outside. This feedback can be used to discover what needs to be healed. Fearlessly facing the information we receive and using it to make adjustments in how we view and interpret our experience guarantees a deeper understanding and…

More joy.

Jarl and Steve

September 20, 2007


This new blog is the result of feedback I received from readers of my Conflict Managment E-Newsletter. Many indicated that they wanted me to write more, and to share my pracitical insights about the management of conflict through articles, case studes, practice notes, and in the form of tips.

I have created a number of categories that appear in the left hand navigation bar. My intention is to add at least one new entry a month that will address the categories that I have created.

Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts as we go along.

With appreciation for your support,

John Ford